Over the last several years, airline contracts have become increasingly complex, with numerous special rules and exceptions depending on the ticketing parameters. McAbee Travel wants to make the missionary trip booking process as easy as possible for you by delivering a fast and straightforward booking process. Our missionary airfare booking engine is already fairly easy to understand, but I wanted to point out a few key features that may help you to have an even better experience while using it. We utilize colored images to draw attention to special circumstances and/or rules with certain fares. Following is an explanation of the images you will see next to certain fares when logged in to our booking engine.


This image indicates a maximum markup. For any fare with this image showing, there may be a maximum amount that you can markup the fare to your client if you process the payment by credit card. Certain airlines have introduced this maximum markup policy in the last several years.

Currently, Air Canada, Air France, Alitalia, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Emirates, KLM, Korean Airlines, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, and Virgin Atlantic all have a maximum markup on net missionary fares.

When you go above that maximum markup limit, and your customer wants to pay by credit card, McAbee Travel will be the merchant. This means that there will be a nominal merchant fee charged as mentioned above under Credit Card Fees. To ensure that you are fully aware of your commission amount and any fees, contact a McAbee Travel agent (via chat during business hours) if you are paying by credit card on a fare with a maximum markup image. The agent can then tell you what the maximum markup is. Be sure to ask each time because the calculations vary; sometimes even seasonally.

IF YOU ARE PAYING BY CREDIT CARD. Ask an agent (chat if it is during business hours) what the maximum markup will be if you are paying by credit card as all calculations are different.


Note that some airlines don’t accept credit cards for net fare tickets. If your customer wants to pay by credit card, McAbee Travel will be Help the merchant unless you have your own merchant account. This means you’ll be paying an additional 4% for American Express and 3% for Visa, Master Card and Discover. You’ll want to pass this fee on to your customer. When you see this on the booking engine, we’ll tell you how to calculate the percentage markups and your commission.


We have commission override contracts in addition to net fare contracts. When a commission is earned on this special published fare, it tells you exactly what the commission is.

I hope this helps to clarify some of the images you see on the booking engine. If you have any questions now or while booking, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Commission icon will appear where NetFare icon is (see below). Please understand that you will need to verify the commission with an agent. Some contracts have so many small exceptions and rules that it makes it impossible to offer commission without some problems. Again, please verify!


This image indicates a net fare, which means no airline commission is earned on that fare. Instead, you simply tell McAbee Travel what commission you want to charge to your client, and we will do the rest.

Below is the layout for each fare and where the icons are placed!





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