Our Humanitarian Focus

Focusing on the humanitarian airfare market, McAbee Travel has been proudly serving travel agents as its core focus since 1988. We own the contracts with major carriers flying to a wide choice of worldwide destinations. Hence, we can search for and find competitive quotes compared to airfares published by the airlines.

Because of qualification requirements, we can only offer humanitarian airfare to your Adoption, Church, Humanitarian, Missionary, and School/University customers. We can book as few as one person or as a group.

In addition to saving money by using humanitarian airfares, there are a few other advantages. These include:

  • Low pricing: Most of the time our fares are lower than the published airfares. There are times when we are much lower because we do not have advance purchase requirements.
  • Changeable tickets: Those who are traveling using humanitarian airfare are using flexible tickets. This allows everyone to change or cancel their plans if something changes at the last minute with reduced penalties from airlines, in most cases.
  • One-Way Tickets: While most travelers have to pay a premium for one-way tickets, humanitarian airfare provides access to one-way tickets at about half of the price of a round-trip fare.
  • Baggage allowance: Up to 3 bags for free on some carriers.
  • Extended Ticketing deadlines: In some cases, ticketing for up to 11 months without payment where we can guarantee the base fare (not the taxes), but still a great benefit for your customer.
  • Up to 20 passengers: Some of our contracts allow us to book up to 20 passengers on the same flight. This allows you to make reservations with us for many people without having to go thru long wait times contacting an airlines group reservation department.




Who We Are

McAbee Travel has been in business since 1988, located in Atlanta GA (suburb of Norcross). We help travel agents with their airfare requests for their non-profit clientele (missionary, humanitarian, and church). We carry the maximum bond with the Airline Reporting Corporation. Read More