McAbee Travel wants to make it easy for you to pay us

You Can:

  • Mail us a check (traditional way)

  • Deposit the check in Bank of America location near you

  • Deposit cash in Bank of America location near you

  • (preferred) Debit check (ACH) email us a check and we will debit the amount from your account. Write the check as you normally do (in the memo field of the check (lower left) put DEBIT CHECK), then email it. Lastly, keep the check - DO NOT send it to us. We will debit your account for that exact amount.

  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Fees may apply depending on the airline and the type of fare. Check to see if the airline is the merchant or if McAbee Travel is the merchant. (service fee for McAbee to do it)

Commissions or Refunds

We pay commissions weekly for the prior week’s tickets. We can:

Who We Are

McAbee Travel has been in business since 1988, located in Atlanta GA (suburb of Norcross). We help travel agents with their airfare requests for their non-profit clientele (missionary, humanitarian, and church). We carry the maximum bond with the Airline Reporting Corporation. Read More